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Concrete + Polymer Liner = 2 Layers

of OxProtection

The Estate™ burial vault by Trigard provides casket protection against the weight of cemetery maintenance equipment and against subsoil elements.


It is a concrete reinforced vault with arched cover and tongue and groove design with tape seal and Trigard’s thermoformed polymer liner. The exterior is hand-painted and can be personalized with a nameplate.

Copper | Silver (Military Honors)


Outer Layer of Polymer + Concrete + Polymer Liner = 3 Layers of Protection

The classic beauty of carved stone makes the Aegean® burial vault one of Trigard’s most popular choices. Families can choose from  rose granite, white marble or black marble finishes. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns complete the timeless look of this vault.

This simulated stone exterior is also another layer of protection. When combined with Trigard’s patented arched, reinforced cover, the exterior increases the structural integrity of the vault. The Aegean represents a leap forward in protection.

White Marble | Black Marble | Rose Granite


Outer Layer of Polymer + Concrete + Polymer Liner = 3 Layers of Protection

Choose a meaningful graveside service with a Trigard Aegean® Healing Tree® burial vault. The Healing Tree ceremony provides closure and new memories that are forever etched into a family’s hearts. It is a unique funeral service that you can only get with Trigard.


The Healing Tree is designed for the white marble vault cover. The tree design has twenty dove-shaped Memory Rings® scattered throughout the top of the vault. For families who desire more than 20 Memory Rings, a Remembrance Bowl and addition rings are available. Poem cards come with a ring and are available in Spanish.


Concrete + Polymer Liner = 2 Layers of Protection

It is easy to reflect a loved one’s style with the many choices available in the Trigard Trilogy® burial vault.


Each vault is hand painted. Keep the painted cover or choose a simulated marble finish. The white marble, cover can be a flat stone or a raised church window design.


The interior liner is simulated marble. The Trilogy is a concrete reinforced vault with an arched cover, tongue and groove design, tape seal and thermoformed polymer liner.

White Marble Lined | Basic Brown Liner